Creative Ice

Welcome to Creative Ice!

It all starts with a crystal clear block of ice and a passion for ice design. Here at Creative Ice, we have a gallery of beautiful ice sculptures for many occasions.

If your're one that loves making memories to remain in the hearts of your guests, this is it! Our sparkling sculptures will leave that everlasting impression.

Creative Ice has always been a full service business. We will do it all: design, sculpt and deliver. Just pick your ice design or create your own, as we work along with you. Its just that simple!

Here at Creative Ice we pride ourselves in artistry, customer service and price! Our goal is to make your special event one to be remembered for a lifetime. Noted for serving the Milwaukee Brewers with ÔÇťopening day" ice sculptures!

Thank you for visiting with us today.

Rolf Geier
Creative Ice
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